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'Surfing the web'. A glamorous and inaccurate term that geeks have invented for their favourite pastime. Should be called 'golfing the links' on the grounds that it is slow, boring, circular and practised by f**ts.

Guernsey McPearson


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The author (as callow youth) and friends (John Burkill, Conrad Dixon, John Masters). The mature student in the picture is Conrad Dixon 1927-2000, then studying economic history at Exeter, formerly Chief Superintendent Dixon, founder and leader of the so-called "Scruffy Squad" an anti-terrorism unit. He later took a doctorate on the working conditions of merchant seamen. He authored a dozen books for yachtsmen one of which remained in print for thirty years. A truly remarkable man, who was, of course, our team-captain.

The revenge of time

The pages here are of four sorts:

1. Professional, covering statistical consultancy or research or blogsor my pharmaceutical statistics links or my books Cross-over Trials in Clinical Research, Statistical Issues in Drug Development or Dicing with Death .

2. Recreational, covering my outdoor interests, in particular, skiing.

3. Guernsey McPearson's pages.

4. Pedantry Getting Personal


I also maintain a small webpage for the West of Scotland Swiss Club

However, much more interesting than any of these pages is the blog maintained by my daughter Helen and her husband Ed Watson describing their journey by bike from Glasgow to China. See Helen and Ed Cycle East