Cross-over Trials in Clinical Research

Stephen Senn

First Edition: Wiley, Chichester, 1993. ISBN 0-471-93493-3


Second Edition Now Available: Published August 2002 ISBN 0 471 49653 7

Cross-over Trials in Clinical Research is the only book on the subject written by someone who has designed and analysed cross-over trials for a living. It is based on my extensive experience of handling such trials during the eight years I worked for Ciba-Geigy in Basle. The book reflects my belief that the statistician working in the pharmaceutical industry must be able to answer 'yes' to the following question: 'am I seriously interested in the effects of treatments?'
Stephen Senn

SAS, GenStat and S-Plus Programs to accompany the text.


From the reviews of the first edition

This is an excellent book on the understanding of the different facets of crossover trials and their use in practical applications. J.R. Green, JRSSA.

Senn's book is a welcome and refreshing addition to the literature on cross-overs which should be read by all those interested in the subject. John Matthews, Statistics in Medicine.

Oh that more frequentists were so eclectic, Andrew Grieve, The Statistician.

This is a good practical book which is well presented and attractively laid out. David Morgan, Pharmaceutical Journal

Dem Autor ist est gelungen, die Besonderheiten und Probleme der Planung und Auswertung von Cross-over-Studien umfassend und in didkaktisch geschikter Weise darzustellen. W Sziegoleit, Die Pharmazeutische Industrie.

This practical book is a good introduction to the controversial topic of cross-over trials in pharmacological studies for both medical scientist and statisticians. S.M. Lewis, ISI Short Book Reviews

This book provides a user-friendly, work-sheet approach to the analysis of cross-over studies. James Bolognese, Biopharmaceutical Report

In summary, I found this a stimulating and enjoyable book to read and one that is likely to prove to be extremely useful to many others in the area. Philip North, ISCB News.

There is little doubt that Stephen Senn has provided a much needed text to guide any researcher through the perils of design, analysis and interpretation of such studies. A.O Hughes, European Respiratory Journal

This book is essential reading for both doctors and other scientists engaged in clinical research. John Ashford, Journal of Drug Development

This book will prove an invaluable reference to all statisticians and researchers in the pharmaceutical industry. It will also appeal to physicians involved in clinical research. Biometrie-Praximitrie

It contains a large number of practical examples using published clinical trials. Scrip Magazine

Each chapter has excellent motivation and nice closure sections.....If cross-over trials are pertinent to you, this book would be a fine choice for your library. Technometrics

From the reviews of the second edition

The intended audience for this text is both statisticians and medical researchers. Professor Stephen Senn serves both these audiences well by striking an excellent balance between appropriate technical details and discussion. Michael Branson, Applied Clinical Trials

...I recommend this book for biologists and statisticians alike. It is an excellent reference source and is easily readable. Alan S Rigby, The Statistician

This second edition includes several enhancements to the first edition. �The book is clearly written and, generally, easy to follow. Each concept or analytic approach is followed by a worked example using one or more computing packages, as well as a discussion of the interpretation of the results. This mode of presentation is very effective and appropriate for the target audiences. The author also carefully justifies his choice of particular approaches. Julia A Stoner, Journal of the American Statistical Association



Some basic considerations concerning estimation in clinical trials
The AB/BA design with Normal Data
Other Outcomes and the AB/BA Design
Normal data from designs with three or more treatments
Other outcomes from designs with three or more treatments
Some special designs
8. Graphical and tabular presentation of cross-over trials
Various design issues
10. Mathematical approaches to carry-over. John Wiley & sons Page

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